Dynamic virtual information and exchange platform for researchers and practitioners, including a map of centres of expertise, an international bank of experts and a dedicated social network for partners

Workshops for researchers and communities of practice in Canada and abroad

 Expertise & action research

Action research on various aspects of preventing violent radicalization, including the assessment of practices

Audit of public policies and impact assessment

Development of prevention activities in the territories

Scientific publications, studies, user guides and assessment models for communities of practice


University-level graduate studies, including an annual international summer school

Short-term training for stakeholders and managers

Scholarships and internships for student researchers

Academic curricula and strategies in school and university systems, incorporating digital media into teaching (ePREV MOOC, videos)


Public engagement tools to invite people to participate in developing a discourse to combat hate speech and radicalization, particularly on the Internet, in partnership with the media (radio, television, newspapers and web media)

Conferences, symposia and seminars