L’After School Game Changer

L’Institut d’études de sécurité ISS a publié le rapport – Western Cape After School Game Changer : Une intervention de prévention de la violence?

By Penny Parenzee

The government and civil society in South Africa urgently need to find innovative ways to prevent violence. The Western Cape Government’s After School Game Changer (ASGC) aims to disrupt the pathways of risky and violent behavior among youth. Understanding how this policy helps prevent violence can inform other similar efforts. This report describes the thinking and practice that define ASGC.

The author of the report, Penny Parenzee, is part of the Justice and Violence Prevention Program of the Institute for Security Studies. She has worked extensively with African governments and civil society organizations. Penny’s work has focused on social policies regarding violence against women, access to land and sexual and reproductive health rights, with particular attention to the implications of these social policies for the promotion of women’s rights.