From the local to the international level, in both educational and professional circles, the UNESCO-PREV Chair carries out and participates in a variety of activities related to its field of expertise. Civic engagement, intercultural exchanges and multimedia tools are some of the means by which the Chair’s team promotes the prevention of radicalization.


Under the coordination of Actions interculturelles, the UNESCO-PREV Chair takes part in the Dialogue + initiative, of which Professor Morin, co-holder of the Chair, is co-president. Its purpose is to strengthen social and intercultural dialogue, prevent sociocultural discrimination, prejudice and radicalization, and promote the establishment of favourable conditions for harmonious community life.


Established by the Observatory on Radicalisation and Violent Extremism (OSR) and the Philosophy, Education and Society (PES) group, the Forum jeunesse — Penser la démocratie autrement [Youth Forum — Thinking Democracy Differently] is a programme that aims to counter and defuse extremist speech leading to violence.  The initiative seeks to stimulate discussion and democratic political engagement among young people in their final years of high school and at the college level.


Developed within the UNESCO-PREV Chair, the PREV-IMPACT Canada project aims to develop and implement Canadian models for assessing practices in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of violent radicalization and, ultimately, to build the capacity of key stakeholders in this field in Canada.


Launched in April 2016, the SOMEONE (SOcial Media EducatiON Every day) initiative is a web portal that brings together multimedia resources aimed at preventing hate speech and countering radicalization and violent extremism.