The Applied Social Science Forum (ASSF) is a non-profit, Tunisian NGO specializing in research as a means to tackling social problems, supporting reform initiatives, informing public policies, and influencing legislation and institutions.

The African Centre for the Study and Research on Terrorism (ACSRT) is a research centre dedicated to the prevention and combatting of terrorism in Africa in support of the African Union and its Member States.

“La chaire Cultures, Sociétés et Faits religieux” is affiliated with the International University of Rabat and promotes multidisciplinary teaching and research on societal, geostrategic and socioreligious issues, as well as their local, regional and global impacts.

This institute is a research unit focusing on the social links and the problematic conditions (vulnerability, precariousness, marginalization, exclusion, radicalization, etc.) that different social groups, particularly children, youth and migrants, may experience.

The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) is an African non-profit organisation focused on improving human security as a conduit toward peace and prosperity through various areas of interest, programs and policies.

The Timbuktu Institute aims to prevent the occurrence of violent extremism of any origin and to promote a culture of openness and peace through the advancement of African cultural resources.

The Rabita Mohammadia of Ulema aims to contribute to the revitalization of scientific and cultural life in the field of Islamic studies through closer cooperation and partnership with other scientific institutions and organizations of common interest.

The purpose of this department is to train specialists in religious history and events as they pertain to humanity in an observable and objective manner.

The University of Ouagadougou is comprised of five faculties, three institutes and three doctoral schools in the domains of Arts and Science and Technology.