Dialogue + proposes a series of public actions to re-energize ethno-cultural relations and encourage greater mobilization of young people, whether they are native Canadians or from different cultural communities.


These actions are supported by a versatile advisory committee, which includes young people, stakeholders from various backgrounds and experts, as well as the Dialogue + team. They fall under three main components:

  • A Canada-wide survey to assess Canadians’ perceptions of discrimination and radicalization;
  • The creation of a “Youth in Action” committee; and
  • The organization of public forums on intercultural dialogue in five (5) cities: Sherbrooke, Quebec City, Ottawa, Hamilton and Moncton.


The UNESCO-PREV Chair co-conducted the Dialogue + survey in partnership with Actions interculturelles and the governments of Canada and Quebec in the five (5) cities mentioned above. The activity measured the perception of the Canadian public and immigrant communities regarding (1) integration and (2) the risks of discrimination on the phenomena of exclusion and radicalization. The report was officially presented in February 2019.


The “Youth in Action” committee brings together young people between 15 and 30 years old who are involved in the Dialogue + project. Depending on their interest and motivation, they participate in activities that promote dialogue and foster intercultural exchange.


With the theme “Intercultural dialogue as a response to discrimination, prejudice and radicalization among young people”, the first Dialogue + Forum took place in March 2017 in Sherbrooke. Decision-makers, stakeholders and youth from all backgrounds were brought together to understand the issues, identify the challenges related to these issues, explore innovative courses of action and establish the basis of an action plan. The Dialogue + Forum is also held in our partner cities: Hamilton, Quebec City, Moncton and Ottawa.