Religion and Radicalization in West Africa and the Maghreb

September 11, 2019. CEFIR is organizing a one-day conference at CÉGEP Édouard-Montpetit on “Religion and Radicalization in West Africa and the Maghreb.” The day will facilitate the study of the diverse facets of this theme in Morocco, the Sahel countries and the Lake Chad Basin. These interventions highlight national and regional contrasts, especially between the Moroccan situation where the state claims a religious legitimacy to counter extremism and West African countries where jihadist movements exploit a wide range of frustrations for destabilize states with limited means. The conference is also an opportunity to explore how other religious denominations, particularly Catholic

Extremism and Radicalization in Quebec and Canada: Current Situation and Issues

June 27, 2019. The UNESCO-PREV Chair and the Ministry of International Relations and Francophonie organized this conference in Quebec City. Representatives from the Ministries of International Relations and Francophonie, Public Safety, Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion and Education were in attendance. During this conference, the three co-chairs addressed four relevant topics on violent extremism and the way in which they are handled in Quebec and Canada: the return of extremist travellers, the far right, the treatment of radicalized people and finally, social pedagogy to prevent online hate speech and to build community resilience.

Meeting between the International University of Rabat and the Université Saint-Louis in Brussels

June 14, 2019. The Chaire Cultures, Sociétés et Faits Religieux and the Université de Saint-Louis de Bruxelles launched a collaborative teaching and research project. Meeting between the International University of Rabat and the Université Saint-Louis in Brussels for the implementation of a collaborative program between the “Cultures, Societies and Religious Facts” Chair and University of Saint-Louis of Brussels research and teaching projects. More information here

Round table on intersectionality

May 15, 2019. The Dialogue Plus Project of the “Organisation Actions Interculturelles” (AIDE), organized a round table discussion on intersectional feminism and intersectionality. Dialogue Plus aims to prevent discrimination, prejudice and radicalization in our society by carrying out actions that promote intercultural dialogue and coexistence. This event sought to demystify the concept of intersectionality through enriching discussions about the reality and issues of people at the intersection of various types of discrimination through examples of Quebec and international news. More information here

First SHERPA Student Colloque

May 15, 2019. This event, open to all, allowed students and postdoctoral fellows to present their research and discuss research topics related to the SHERPA research niche. The following were among the participants: Diana Miconi, McGill. Multicenter Study on the Social Determinants of Support for Violent Radicalization Among College Students in Quebec. This study presents the results of a large online survey of college students in Quebec regarding the support for violent radicalization and its social determinants. Specifically, they examine how institutional and local differences affect student support for violent radicalization and its risk and protective factors (i.e. social adversity,

Women in Islam. Between Sharia and Social Reality.

May 14, 2019. The UNESCO Chair in the Study of the Philosophical Foundations of Justice and Democratic Society organized – Lunchtime with Soumaya Naamane Guessous and Fatima Houda-Pepin. Women in Islam. Between Sharia and Social Reality. Morocco-Quebec. Women are subject to a code initiated and established by Islamic Sharia, and another derived from positive law. These two codes intertwine and interfere in the daily life of Muslim women. What, then, is the attitude to be adopted by women under the order of these two imperatives? Could sharia follow the contemporary social and political reality of Muslim women? More information here

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