An online cycle of conferences on the social explosions in Chile and Colombia

The UNESCO-PREV and its partners invite you to a series of online conferences entitled “Crossed perspectives on social explosions in Chile and Colombia. A necessary dialogue”.

Vivek Venkatesh presents Landscape of Hope at SECREV 2021

Co-holder Vivek Venkatesh presented his landmark project Landscape of Hope at an free international online event, Cybersecurity Revolution 2021.

Podcast Tracking Misinformation: Our experts are featured

Our experts Marie-Eve Carignan and David Morin are featured in the podcast Tracking Misinformation from the Agence Science-Presse and its partners.


09 June

New study examines link between COVID-related experiences of discrimination and social distancing behaviour

A new study, co-authored by co-holder Vivek Venkatesh, and Cécile Rousseau, associate member, is now available online in The American Journal of Health Promotion.

18 May

David Morin at the Summer School on the Challenges of the pandemic in the digital age

Co-holder David Morin will participate in the Summer School of the Master in Applied International Law and Policy on May 19th, 2021. 

03 May

David Morin at the St-Laurent Forum on international security

Co-holder David Morin participated in the St-Laurent Forum on International Security, which is still taking place virtually from May 3th to 7th, 2021. Professor Morin spoke about the book co-edited with his colleagues from the Chair.