New report : Constraints and opportunities in evaluating programs for prevention of violent extremism: how the practitioners see it

A new report on practitioners and the evaluation of prevention of violent extremism written by our experts has just been released.

From online hate to offline violence : Vivek Venkatesh will moderate a panel for the UN Counter-Terrorism Week

In his role as UNESCO-PREV co-chair, Vivek Venkatesh recently moderated a panel discussion as part of the United Nations 2021 Counter-Terrorism Week.

An online cycle of conferences on the social explosions in Chile and Colombia

The UNESCO-PREV and its partners invite you to a series of online conferences entitled “Crossed perspectives on social explosions in Chile and Colombia. A necessary dialogue”.


25 June

Marie-Ève Carignan appointed to the expert committee on the socio-economic consequences of misinformation in science and health

Marie-Ève Carignan, Head of the Media Division, will be part of a new Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) expert committee.

18 June

Webinar “Preventing Violent Extremism : Insights form Former Right-Wing Extremists”

The UNESCO-PREV Chair, in partnership with the Teaching & Learning Center of the University of Siena, is co-organizing a webinar on the prevention of violent extremism on June 23rd.

17 June

Vivek Venkatesh to participate in community roundtable on urban security

Co-holder of the Chair and Project Someone Director Vivek Venkatesh will be joining a diverse panel of activists and experts in a roundtable on urban security on June 17th.