‘Social Polarisations, the Future of Youth and Learning Environments’ Conference

Presented by the Research and Action on Social Polarisations team, in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair in Prevention of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism, the SHERPA

The UNESCO-PREV Chair Launches the PREV-IMPACT Project

The UNESCO-PREV Chair is leading PREV-IMPACT, a new research project to develop evaluation models for PVE programs adapted to the Canadian context. A worldwide rise in extremism

UNESCO-PREV Chair Annual Report 2018 Now Available

The UNESCO-PREV Chair Annual Reports provide a comprehensive overview of its organizational structure; statistics; actions, activities and impacts; financial partnerships and grants. The 2018 Annual


18 February

The number of Canadians joining hate groups is rising. Why is this happening?

Vivek Venkatesh, UNESCO co-chair in prevention of radicalization and Concordia professor, met the CJAD 800 team to discuss radicalization among Canadians. “Our team spoke to ten individuals, ten former extremists. […] It is important to treat this issue with empathy and humanism”, explains Mr. Venkatesh.

16 February

Why do Canadians join hate groups? Concordia researchers may have part of the answer

Why do people join extremist movements? Researchers at Concordia think they know part of the answer. In a study, researchers spoke to 10 people who joined radical movements. “The pathway to radicalization isn’t necessarily something that’s very distinct,” UNESCO co-chair in prevention of radicalization Vivek Vekatesh told CTV Montreal.

14 February

Researchers Argue Empathy Is ‘Key’ to Eradicate extremism

While the rise of extremism is an increasing cause for concern among Canadian authorities, researchers from Concordia University focus on the various ways to prevent and halt recruitment within cult groups.