Based all around the world, the UNESCO-PREV Chair’s partners – organizations and professionals alike – are numerous. This section brings together some of their publications.

Publication of a chapter in The Routledge Handbook on Radicalisation and Coutering Radicalisation.

Pr. David Morin and Pr. Vivek Venkatesh, co-holders of the UNESCO-PREV Chair, and Pr. Pablo Madriaza, associate professor of the UNESCO-PREV Chair, have recently published a chapter entitled “Re-colonising the field of evaluation of prevention of violent radicalisation. A critical, cross-regional perspective” in The Routledge Handbook on Radicalisation and Coutering Radicalisation. To order the book: https://www.routledge.com/The-Routledge-Handbook-on-Radicalisation-and-Countering-Radicalisation/Busher-Malkki-Marsden/p/book/9780367476847

Project CounteR

The UNESCO-PREV Chair is pleased to announce the successful completion of a project by a long-standing partner: Les Militants des Savoirs. The CounteR project consortium has developed a privacy-friendly situational awareness platform designed to predict terrorist and criminal violence, combat radicalization and protect citizens. This innovative tool enables the detection of radical content online. Funded by Horizon Europe – the EU’s flagship research and innovation program – this three-year project has played a crucial role in the fight against radicalization, aimed at ensuring a safer world. CounteR is a revolutionary early warning tool, functional in 12 languages, which actively monitors