Call for papers for the 89th Congress of Acfas

The covid-19 pandemic is not only an epidemiological reality: it is also a cognitive phenomenon and a social construction that mobilizes a multiplicity of political and discursive frames. The risks posed by the virus itself, but also the measures adopted to curb its progression and the multitude of false information that has been circulated about it, have fostered a sense of urgency and psychological distress among a considerable part of the population, while fuelling a strong social polarization and an erosion of trust in institutions (political, legal, media and scientific). These elements are known to be fertile grounds for political extremism.

The general objective of this Acfas colloquium organized by CEFIR in partnership with the UNESCO-PREV Chair, RAPS and the CPRMV will therefore be to reflect on the dynamics resulting from the pandemic by examining the links between political extremism, conspiracy thinking and the anti-sanitary measures movement. More specifically, the CEFIR is seeking contributions that can be articulated around four axes of reflection.

First, from a socio-political perspective, we will 1) map and understand the anti-sanitary measures movement and 2) analyze its impacts on democracy and institutions. We will then take a psycho-social perspective to 3) examine issues related to mental health and radicalization in the context of the pandemic. Finally, the last part will seek to 4) explore possible solutions and prevention strategies.


– Title of the paper.

– Surname, first name, position, affiliation and e-mail address of authors.

– Abstract of the paper (500 words maximum)

– Indicate in which axis the proposed communication fits

All proposals must be sent in French, in a Word document, to the following address 

Deadline: February 11, 2022

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