Consultation on changes to the 1974 UNESCO Recommendation in the field of education and human rights

Our co-holder Vivek Venkatesh has been invited by UNESCO to participate in a Regional Technical Consultation for Europe and America. This consultation, which will involve proposing changes to be made to the Recommendation concerning education for international understanding, co-operation and peace and education relating to human rights and fundamental freedoms (1974 Recommendation), will be attended by other experts, professional networks and representatives of non-governmental organizations. Dr. Venkatesh has been invited to participate because of his expertise and involvement with education, human rights, and freedoms in North America and beyond.

Dr. Venkatesh looks forward to the consultation and is grateful to be able to have the opportunity to share his thoughts on the various crises the world is facing, and how education can contribute to their resolution. Much of Dr. Venkatesh’s work with Project Someone involves supporting vulnerable groups through education (see the ISP Project) and promoting lifelong learning and media literacy (Landscape of Hope, the From Hate to Hope Massive Open Online Course, etc.). These activities align with the changes and updates UNESCO wishes to make to the 1974 Recommendation.

Article by Anna Saint Martin

Crédit Photo: Chaire UNESCO-PREV