Sous les claviers la haine ?

Sous les claviers la haine ? Récit d’une rencontre numérique

Diversité, No. 194, p118-124. 2019

By Alava, S. and Hanna D.

“Between childhood and adulthood, youth remains marked by a transitory status, a more or less comfortable in-between for the young person: it is the moment when autonomy is conquered to leave childhood, and the family circle, that becomes a trust to be gained from adults while accepting – or resigning oneself to accept – established social norms. It is the age of discovery, of oneself, of others, of the world, and the desire for more independence. It is also a time when one seeks to assert oneself by standing out.

Of course, on this journey from childhood to adulthood, there are many possible paths, alternating choices or phases of loyalty to the system, departures or revolts. This issue of Diversité aims to provide insight that leads to a better understanding of what youth looks like today in France, in particular by answering the following questions: what defines youth? Can we talk about a sense of belonging to youth as a specific category? What are the cultural practices of young people? Can we say that young people are “radicalized”? What are the different trajectories of young people in their personal and school careers? “[4th cover].

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