Partnership in practice: preventing social polarization

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Start Date:


Held in Edmonton over four days, this conference, organized by the UNESCO-PREV Chair in partnership with RPC-PREV, OPV, TSAS and the Department of Public Safety Canada, brought together more than 40 experts, practitioners and young people to facilitate collaboration and the sharing knowledge.

The first part of the conference, PREVENTION IN PRACTICE: National and International Approaches to P / CVE, brought together leading researchers, practitioners and policymakers committed to the fight against violent extremism. The main objective of this conference was to facilitate the exchange of theoretical knowledge and good practices related to the prevention of violent extremism in different disciplinary and geographical contexts.

The unique feature of this part has been to combine the perspectives of academia, law enforcement, community groups and non-governmental organizations. In addition, the exploration of globalized and localized approaches to violent extremism and other similar forms of crime and risk prevention has identified good practices in different national contexts and policy areas.

The second part of the conference, Mind the Gap! Youth and Practitioner Summit gave voice to youth experiencing significant discrimination and exclusion experiences that can have long-term repercussions on their lives. They were able to share their deep and experiential knowledge of the dynamics of hatred and extremism. This second part thus initiated dialogue between young people and practitioners.

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