“Hate to Hope” Massive Open Online Course Videos

Hate to Hope: Building Understanding and Resilience In April of 2018, Global Affairs Canada awarded funding to the UNESCO-PREV Chair to create a massive open online course (MOOC) – titled “From Hate to Hope” that draws from cutting-edge research in multiple disciplines from humanities and social sciences to address strategies that build resilience against hate through the use of pluralistic dialogues. The resources showcased herein comprise of seven videos (each are available with English, French and Arabic subtitles) that were created as part of “From Hate to Hope” which feature the voices of experts in extremism, political science, psychology, religion,

Promoting Pluralistic Dialogues in Classrooms

Webinar: Social Pedagogy to Promote Pluralistic Dialogues in Classrooms Vivek Venkatesh participated in a webinar hosted by The Association for the Educational Application of Computer Technology at the Post-Secondary Level (APOP) for the purpose of presenting college teachers and professionals with the resources available to help them introduce inclusive dialogue in their classrooms. Click here for webinar (in English).

Deciphering Norms of Media Consumption

Deciphering Norms of Media Consumption in Extreme Metal – a podcast series This new four-episode podcast series from Project Someone brings thought-provoking, contemporary topics to the table. Be it reappropriating Runes, warning against the perils of media censorship, distinguishing between provocative art and hateful discourse, and giving voice to the experiences of women in the music industry, no topic proves too challenging for Vivek Venkatesh and his co-host, Michelle Ayoub. Produced by Aaron Lakoff and Kathryn Urbaniak, each episode runs at about 30 minutes long and also has original music by Leticia Trandafir. The first episode is titled Propositions for Cultural

Hatred in an Era of Misinformation: Lessons from Former Extremists

Webinar: Hatred in an Era of Misinformation: Lessons from Former Extremists Below is a recording of Project Someone’s recent webinar titled “Hatred in an Era of Misinformation: Lessons from Former Extremists” recorded on 6 November, 2018. This interactive webinar involved former right-wing extremists, Brad Galloway and Marc Clairoux discussing their own personal experiences with recruiting youth online, and provides pointers on identifying hateful rhetoric online.