Adversité psychosociale

Adversité psychosociale, détresse psychologique et sympathie pour la radicalisation violente chez les collégiens du Québec.

Cahiers de la sécurité et de la justice. (43): 158-166. (2018)

By Cécile Rousseau, Ghayda Hassan, Aude Rousseau-Rizzi, Victorine Michalonbrodeur, Youssef Oulhote, Abdelwahed Mekki-Berrada, and Habib El-Hage 

This article summarizes the main findings from research on the determinant factors of support for violent radicalization among Quebec high school students. Drawing from a quantitative epidemiological survey, the first step is to document the impact of the current social climate on perceived discrimination, anxiety, depression and support for violent radicalization, and the associated factors among young people from the majority of ethnocultural minorities in Quebec.