SONDAGE DIALOGUE PLUS sur les perceptions de la population canadienne à l’égard des pratiques discriminatoires et du phénomène de radicalisation violent


By David Morin, Mohamed Soulami, Annick Lenoir, Sami Aoun, Guy Ara, Jean-Herman Guay, Stéphane Leman-Langlois, Ghayda Hassan, and Valérie Jean

Actions interculturelles and le forum Dialogue +, in partnership with the UNESCO-PREV Chair, published the Dialogue + Survey report on Canadian perceptions of discriminatory practices and the phenomenon of violent radicalization. The purpose of this survey was to survey Canadians about how they perceive discrimination and radicalization phenomena by comparing the situation in five Canadian cities with the rest of Quebec and Canada and in the light of a number of socio-demographic variables (age, gender, level of education, generation status of immigration).