The Role of Youth and Women in the Prevention of Radicalization

Officially launched on February 23rd, 2018, the UNESCO-PREV Chair has seen two very active years in Québec, in Canada and  internationally. In the last twelve months, the Chair’s team aimed to strengthen and structure its network on the national level and, more importantly, on the international level.

“In 2019, the Chair strived to elaborate the basis of its networking strategy and to develop its connexions with various major partners around common projects, both in Canada and abroad”, points out David Morin, co-Chairholder and Applied Politics Professor.

The UNESCO-PREV Chair aims to act as a centre of excellence to develop, share and promote research and actions in the context of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of violent radicalization and extremism. It ensures close cooperation among researchers and communities of practice in a comparative, multidisciplinary and north-south perspective. The Chair’s programme also offers one-off activities related to development, production and dissemination of knowledge. 

Photo credit : UNESCO-PREV Chair