The UNESCO-PREV Chair Launches Its Mapping of Centers of Expertise in PVE

In 2019, the UNESCO-PREV Chair started conducting a mapping of centers of expertise in prevention of violent extremism (PVE), which includes expert individuals and organizations working in primary, secondary and tertiary PVE programs.

The UNESCO-PREV Chair is proud to unveil its interactive map, the culmination of this project, which brings together these centers of expertise into a single integrated tool. Through the use of three (3) filters, the regional area, the type of organization and the type of prevention, the interactive map allows the general public to quickly identify the poles of expertise and communities of practice in PVE (research, community, government and international organizations) at the international level. Innovative, the tool seeks to promote and share research and action in the field of PVE. 

The UNESCO-PREV Chair invites individuals and organizations which meet its criteria to contact its team in order to have their name and information added to the interactive map, which will be updated regularly.