Fighting misinformation in Quebec with Marie-Ève Carignan

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Our head of media division Marie-Ève Carignan will be participating in a live event organized by La Science d’Abord on November 30 at noon. On the program: How to sort out the real from the fake in the context of a pandemic.

Social networks allow anyone, anywhere, to share just about anything.

Voices that were once silenced have access to large platforms. As a result, people can keep in touch across oceans and borders, and supportive communities can form around particular issues. But these same characteristics make it very easy for false information to go viral on social networks.

TheSciencedAbord is a national initiative working with a collective of independent scientists, researchers, health care experts and science communicators. The goal is to share the best available science in a creative way to stop the spread of misinformation.

Article by La Science d’Abord

Crédit Photo: La Science d’Abord