Webinar: Evaluation of Community Arts Projects

Location: Online

Start Date:

CSLP is proud to announce an upcoming webinar hosted by the Landscape of Hope team – one of the many social pedagogy initiatives of our partner, Project Someone.

This webinar is based on a guide for evaluating arts and resilience initiatives. The guide provides a simple step-by-step approach to project evaluation and participatory methodology. It includes strategies for tracking project progress and conducting interviews/focus groups, as well as a classification of arts and resilience-based frameworks and tools that can be applied to a wide variety of sectors and initiatives.

Designed to help Landscape of Hope researchers and partners measure the success and effectiveness of their work, the guide will serve as a practical tool for any organization undertaking similar work at the intersection of social justice, education and the arts. 

To register for this event, please email projectsomeone@concordia.ca

November 22 at 6pm.


Article by CSLP

Photo credit: CSLP