Publication of the systematic review of the PREV-IMPACT project : “What we know about evaluating programs to prevent violent extremism”

The UNESO-PREV Chair publishes its systematic review. This report is part of the first phase of the PREV-IMPACT Canada project which, supported by the Community Resiliency Fund of the Canadian Centre for Community Engagement and Violence Prevention and Public Safety Canada, aims to develop and implement Canadian models of program evaluation in the area of violent extremism prevention and, ultimately, to build the capacity of key stakeholders in Canada.

The purpose of this report is to present the background, methodology, and findings of a systematic review of methodologies of evaluative studies of violent extremism prevention programs internationally, published in English, French, and Spanish through December 2019.

From a total of 18,886 documents identified during the initial stage of this search, 219 studies included in 211 publications were selected.