First annual review of the prevention of violent extremism in the literature is released

This 2020 review of scientific literature by the UNESCO-PREV Chair and the Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization to Violence (CPRMV) aims to identify articles dealing with prevention in eight specialized journals in the field of violent radicalization and extremism.

This new yearly publication will make it possible to follow the evolution of the scientific production on the topic of prevention. The review therefore targets scientific articles that have the prevention of violent radicalization and extremism as their primary or secondary objective. Only scientific articles have been selected; bibliographies, reviews or article reports are, therefore, excluded from the annual review. This review distinguishes between articles that have prevention as their main topic and those that address it in a secondary manner, for example, in the conclusion of the article.

Lastly, the review also includes the geographical and disciplinary origin of the authors and the regions of the world covered by the articles. It also presents the methodology and the definition of the terminology used. In addition, the results are divided between articles dealing with prevention in general and those dealing specifically with prevention and online radicalization. Enjoy your reading!

Article by Marianne Renauld Robitaille 

Photo Credit : UNESCO-PREV Chair and CPRMV