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Radicalization: Which profiles? What preventions?

Location: Paris, France

Start Date: 2018-07-12 12:00:00   End Date: 2018-07-12 18:00:00


Organized in partnership with the presidency of the National Assembly of the French Republic, the interdepartmental committee against radicalization and the UNESCO-PREV Chair in Paris on July 12, 2018, this conference aimed to present the knowledge concerning the profiles of radicalized people, tipping vectors, as well as the most effective measures with regards to this subject.

The challenges of preventing violent extremism in the Francophone space

Location: Dakar, Senegal

Start Date:   End Date:


March 2018. The challenges of preventing violent extremism in the Francophone space: reflection on innovative partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa. As part of the Fortnight of La Francophonie in Senegal, the Quebec General Delegation Office in Dakar brought together various French-speaking experts in the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism, particularly from West Africa, in order to discuss the challenges and opportunities for concrete collaborations in the Francophone area. The UNESCO-PREV Chair was invited, along with other experts, to address primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, particularly in the areas of psychosocial intervention, education, action research, media, art and culture. The activity took